Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

Eventually I'll get all the pictures posted from the last few weeks but I know my avid blog readers are waiting oh so patiently for some Halloween without further ado....

Saturday October 30, 2010 - we (Connor, Grandma & Grandpa Paulsrud and I) drove down to Racine, WI for the "Skeleton Skamper" to meet up with Dan who was the DJ for the 5k Run and 1 Mile Trick or Treat Walk! 

Digging for the goods.....

On October 31st, 2010 we made a few stops with our favorite neighborhood lion. 

First up - Mollie and Matts:

Then it was off to the Rose's for more fun!

Cutest witch on the block!

Nate was going to be a vampire but was a little tight....

Thankfully the Zukowski's had let us borrow two costumes they had for Luke last year and we had the other in the car - so hopefully they don't mind that Nate wore the Little Monster for the few houses we went to!
Our little lion is in LOVE with this little kitchen at the Rose's - we could be having the party of the century in the same room and he wouldn't leave it....

There were a couple of people anxious to head out trick or treating

So off we went!

 Enjoying his loot....
Then we headed back to the Rose's - we attempted a group shot and this one is my favorite (there are a ton)- captures the spirit of the moment!
A few last pictures with our lion before we called it a night

Happy Halloween to all! 
Thanks again to the Zukowski's for so generously sharing Luke's costumes - they were a huge hit!!

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  1. So glad the costumes worked out - I love that they are getting used more than once! We have a cute pirate costume for you guys next year :)