Monday, February 21, 2011

Finding the Truth..Answers

1.I have to wear socks when I sleep
  • Sorry Aim, I cannot stand wearing socks when I sleep!  Even in the dead of winter its only on a very rare occasion that you might find me sleeping with socks on. 

2.My eyes are naturally green
  • Negative - definitely got the most beautiful baby blues from my dad! 

3.I secretly love clipping my nails
  • Eww...awful!  Hate it - hate everything about it.  I even hate clipping Connors nails.  When I was prego the sound of even the nail clipper made me gag..yes, really..made me gag. 

4.Love spicy food, the hotter the better
  • Oh heck yeah!  If my nose is running and mouth is burning I'm on the right track.  Now if only my hubby didn't hate spicy food.....

5.My first concert was New Kids on the Block
  • Negative..the Beach Boys...Illinois State Fair...days before my Grandma Coughlin died.  A trip I'll never forget.

1 comment:

  1. i would have totally guessed #3 just because i thought well, maybe you secretly love it!!! LOL :)