Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Milwaukee Admirals

A few weeks ago we hit a Milwaukee Admirals game with Dan's Uncle Gene and his two grand-kids Sam & Josh.  The Admirals are a hockey team in the AHL and play at the Bradley Center here in Milwaukee.  They happened to be playing the Peoria Rivermen that night and it sure was a fun outing.  (Though I have to say - it was good I wasn't cheering for the Rivermen...who absolutely got SMOKED by Milwaukee!)

Here were a few pictures from the night:
Announcing of the players!
 Sam & Josh were initially all about the food - but totally got into the game once it got underway! (not a good picture but the only one I had!)
 Connor & Uncle Gene enjoying a Friday night on the town!

I have to tell you - I believe God works in mysterious ways.  A year ago in December - Dan's family lost his Aunt Vicki (Gene's wife/Dan's moms sister).  Previous to that - I had only met Gene and Vicki once, very briefly and never met their kids/grandkids.  You see - they live less than 30 miles from our house and hard to imagine so much time went by and they weren't a part of our lives.  Vicki's memorial services allowed us to reconnect, I got to meet Gene and Vicki's children and grandchildren.   They've been a blessing to our lives and we hope they've enjoyed having us around a bit more too.  I can only think the Lord had a way of bringing us all together - maybe at times we needed each other most?  Wish I had, had the opportunity to know Vicki better - I am sure thankful she is sharing her beautiful family and legacy with us.

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