Tuesday, May 31, 2011

And we re-emerge

Wow - that was a long stretch of no blogging!  Did you miss us?!?

Here is a short run down of what we've been doing to keep ourselves busy:
  • Closed on our first house on April 29th
  • Connor had his first trip to US Cellular Field to watch the White Sox on Saturday April 30th
  • Walked in the MS Lakefront Walk in Chicago in honor of an amazing and inspiring women, Chris Hussmann
  • We've been taking down wallpaper
  • We've been painting
  • We've been cleaning
  • We've been steaming carpet
  • We've been emptying the mother nature made pond in our new backyard
  • We've been watching our emptied pond refill with water with LOTS of rain
  • We've been praying for and trying to support in any way we can, Connor's 'weekday Mom', Mandie, as her family has experienced a horrible tragedy in the death of her 29 year old sister (PLEASE pray for them)
  • We've had last minute trips from Grandma and Grandpa Paulsrud to Milwaukee and last minute trips to Nana and Papa Coughlin's - to give Mandie some time to be with her family
  • We've been to Menards and Home Depot more than I care to admit
  • We've packed boxes
  • We've unpacked boxes
  • We've filled holes in walls and made new ones
  • We've made several car load full trips to Goodwill and countless trips to fill the dumpster
  • We've fixed a lawn mower, generously given to us by TJ and Hillary and mowed the lawn
  • We've assembled patio furniture
  • We've bought a grill, assembled it and cooked on it ;)
  • We've sent Connor to be our representative at "soon to be cousin", Amanda's bridal shower
  • We've cashed in so many favors with Frkol, Mollie/Matt, Eric/Shelley -we'll be paying them back for years to come....
  • We've watched our little boy turn 20 months, count to 10, say the alphabet, talk non-stop, giggle, sing, smile and TOTALLY go with the flow
  • We've laughed
  • We've shed a few tears
  • We've lived
Oh and I can't find the cord for my camera so no pictures - I'm sure it's in a box somewhere ;)

The good news is -we're back and hopefully more blogging to follow.  Now that I've got that off my chest...what have you been up to?

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  1. welcome back! oh the fun of a new house ... we've been there! home depot was my new target for awhile! ;) can't wait to see pics!