Monday, June 6, 2011


Grace (and her respective parents) came to visit us on Memorial Day weekend!  Speaking of getting haircuts...Connor and Grace got their hair cut when we were all together.  Connor has only ever had his haircut by my friend Hillary and this was Grace's first cut!  We went to a salon in New Berlin that has a little kids area - which proved to be a good distraction. 

Here is Connor before (hard to really get him to look at my phone/camera but you can see his 'big hair' in the photo):
She asked what I wanted done - I said - just a trim - I like to keep the curls...and then...she started cutting and then...she buzzed around his ears....
And then...I realized all my curls were gone!  (ok being a little dramatic but it was a littler shorter than I expected)  He definitely looks like a little boy now for sure!

Grace really wanted to get up on the motorcycle - which I think is hilarious!  This was her before picture:
And after her FIRST HAIRCUT (5.28.2011)

So now we've all got our summer "do's" - lets hope those curls grow back fast ;)

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