Thursday, June 9, 2011

Summer or Fall

Mother Nature is just not sure what season it is anymore.  This is what listed yesterday:

Really?  We go from 90+ degrees to 50 degrees overnight!  But I guess one good thing is our little guy could sport his delightfully handsome clothes from his Auntie Jenny (and Joe) one more time before he'll likely be too big! 

Remember how I said we've been pumping out the 'pond' in our backyard only to have it fill up again as we wait for our turn on the landscapers list?!?  Here is the progress:

Memorial Day Weekend - Scott (my brother in law) emptying the 'pond':

After Memorial Day weekend - we went on a 10 day stretch with no rain and we were completely dried out and just praying the landscaper would get to us!

Then this morning.....

So thank you Mother Nature.....

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