Monday, November 14, 2011


Should have been on a flight to San Diego on Wednesday morning...(instead was on the jet bridge and telling husband I can't fly and we must turn back)

Could have seen the ocean on Wednesday afternoon....(instead got to see the inside of West Allis Memorial Emergency Room)

Would have spent an amazing week and weekend with my Aunt and Cousins going to Disneyland, spending the Day with Thomas, doing my first 5K in years, cheering Dan on during an inline half marathon....(instead kept praying this flu would go away, my baby's chest cold would heal and thanking my lucky stars we did not get on that plane)

Wasn't the week/weekend we had expected and planned.  But they say all things happen for a reason and today we are just thankful we listened to ourselves, I think the Lord was telling us despite our desires and sadness for not making the trip...we needed to be home to heal.

We're in recovery mode - will blog when we can.

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