Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Trick or Treat

Halloween night meant skipping music class for trick or treating in Waukesha!  A lot of the surrounding cities had their trick or treating on Sunday and it poured rain so the kids were out in full force on Monday in Waukesha. 

Connor's painted pumpkin was proudly displayed
 First stop - a treat at home before we left
 A mischevious smile from the double-fisting puppy dog!

 Yeah not sure the sign worked - either way there was no candy left when we got home which was fine by me ;)
 Heading to his first house!
 Trick or Treating Group - the Snow WhiteS, Spiderman and the cutest puppy on the block!
 Buddies holding hands
 "Nate, are you sure this is a good  idea?"

 Last house and little scared, tired and not sure what's going on!
Happy Halloween 2011!

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