Monday, December 12, 2011

I can see clearly NOW...

Well we've got a lot to catch you up on my lovely blog follwers!  Amongst the fast paced nature of our lives this time of year - we also have a new addition for Connor....GLASSES!
 At first when trying them on he thought he was going swimming - he thought he was wearing swim goggles, which made this Mommy laugh at a moment she felt like crying. 
 He is severly far sighted and right now hardly using his left eye at all - it is so weak. His prescription is so high the doctor says he will not grow out of his needs for glasses, contacts or vision correction in his lifetime.  Let's continue to pray for the researchers and doctors who continue to work on the best options for vision correction.
 Many people have asked how we knew to get his eyes checked - well the truth is we started to notice on occasion his left eye would start to cross.  It wasn't all the time and many people have said they never noticed it.  Apparently the eye crossing starts to happen when they are trying really hard to focus. 
 We will be going back to the Pediatric Opthamologist in January where the strength in his left eye will be measured again.  If significant progress has not been made he'll start to wear a patch 4 hours per day to force him to use his left eye to strengthen it.
 It hasn't been the smoothest transition, but in typical Connor fashion he sort of just goes with the flow and despite a little unhappiness seems to be starting to adjust.
In the meantime, my uber cute red-headed love is getting LOTS of attention for his fancy new specs, what do you think?!?


  1. Aww! He looks adorable! I had Parker checked out when she was 6 months old because I noticed her eyes "wandering." One opinion said glasses now at 6 months (I was stunned) and the second opinion said she was fine. We continue to monitor her. It's so hard Julie, but we gotta do what's best. I have 2 cousins who had to patch and they both are doing great as adults. I love that he thought he was going swimming. That's why kids are so amazing! Hang in there Momma! Soon, they will become 2nd nature. And he really is ADORABLE in them!!

  2. Glasses or no glasses, Connor is just adorable! You are a good Momma for noticing and taking action. Connor is a lucky boy! And those jammies are awesome!

  3. ohhh, he looks super sweet! my really good friend has almost the identical situation with her little girl ... they still patch her eye for a few hrs everyday, she has a very strong prescription for her glasses as well and it is working! so hang in there!