Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Elmo Makes Music

The Sunday after Thanksgiving we surprised Connor with a trip to see Sesame Street Live:  Elmo Makes Music!  We had been to get our Christmas tree and with no nap - he feel asleep in the car on the way there.  Needless to say, he was a little disoriented at first upon arrival. 
 For purchasing the tickets the morning of - we had pretty decent seats
 He spent most of the first half just sitting quietly in his chair watching in awe.  (which was far better than the kid behind us who started screaming the minute the lights went down!)
 Intermission - still not sure
 I always love good marketing - these Elmo balloons were $10 a piece and before the lights went up at intermission two people came out and were center stage - no chance any kid in that place DIDN'T see these and want one.  And no, we did not get one. 
 The 2nd half Connor was up and dancing and having a lot more fun singing along!
Turned out to be a great family day!

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