Friday, February 17, 2012

Christmas is complete

On Friday February 3rd - Connor's final Christmas gift arrived!  Aunt Tracy and Uncle Scott gave Connor his first big boy bed for Christmas this year!  And you know what else - it was handmade by Uncle Scott!

We feel so blessed to be given such a treasured piece of furniture that will no doubt stay with this family forever.  He did such a nice job and if you don't know - he's super talented too!  He's made Aunt Tracy and Uncle Scott's bedroom furniture, most of the tables in their living room and is finishing up a matching bed for Grace now!

Connor spent his first night in his big boy bed on Monday February 6th and we haven't turned back since.  Connor has done awesome - we haven't had any falling out of bed and generally speaking our bedime routine has gotten about 120% better than where it was!

Here are some pictures of my little man his first night in his new bed.

I've been unable to get a picture but on the headboard right above the head of the puppy that is in bed with Connor - Uncle Scott carved a 4 leaf clover!  Certainly bringing us good luck so far!

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