Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What season is it?

 Mother nature sure is confusing us around these parts and I think (unfortunately) what has come with the ever flucuating weather has been a lot of colds and sickness.  Last week Connor was diagnosed with bronchitis and spent the majority of the week just laying around watching TV and movies.  (which for those that know him - know just how uncharacteristic that is for him) He made it to daycare only one day last week and spent quite a bit of time napping and snuggling with his animals and blankies in his puppy tent. 

We had to postpone our trip to Dubuque to meet baby Riley so we didn't pass on our nasty germs to her.  We were pretty bummed not to make the trip but know we couldn't in good faith go to visit her and give her the love and hugs we had been hoping to while fighting off the bug.

Thankfully by Sunday we were starting to see a little perk in our little guy.  The weather was beautiful and we decided to treat Connor with a trip to the zoo after some really good behavior at church on Sunday.

It was nearly 50 degrees and just a perfect day to get some fresh air and let the germs out.

PS - did I mention that then yesterday (Tuesday) we woke up to snow covered yard, sidewalk and driveway?!?  Winter? Spring? Fall? This weather has been unreal!

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