Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Blessing of Friends

I am a person who believes in the value of friendship.  I believe in the value of giving and that it will far exceed any receiving.  I believe in the value of nuturing friendships.  I believe in doing all I can to support the dreams of those around me. 

One of the great joys in life, I find, is learning and understanding what brings out the best in people.  You see all people have gifts.  You all have talents.  Sometimes we're fortunate enough to find people who compliment our talents or even better - are great at things that you just plain stink at. 

My friend Annie - started as a collegue.  We saw each other thru some very high points and some very low points in life.  Annie continues to show me examples of how to be a better person, stronger in faith and thru those ups/downs we (I think) are helping each other learn how to embrace life with a little less worry and a little less stress. 

Annie is talented in so many ways and one is a keen sense of design.  No formal training but you all know what I'm talking about - she just gets it.  She can put together things you'd never think of - she see's things I just don't see - haha!

Well Annie took on her first 'design' project when I gave her the green light to do SOMETHING with my kitchen!  You'll see in the before pictures I pretty much had junk stuff from the 3 apartments I'd previously lived in just randomly placed.  I pretty lack the vision she has been blessed with.

Last night Annie blogged about the project and since well another gift she has is the gift of writing - I won't attempt to re-write what was already so perfectly written:

Dan and I hope to continue and build our friendship with the Staeblers and you can pretty much guarantee that I'll be standing at the sidelines cheering Annie on as she takes baby steps at following her dreams/passions.  (oh and I'm officially saving for my next room for Annie to tackle :)

PS - On a personal note I'd like to give a shout out to all who gave us gift cards for Home Depot, Bed Bath and Beyond and others.  Not only did we get all the trim and doors to finish off the basement project this kitchen project was paid almost entirely with gift cards!  The generosity is so appreciated and while I know some people struggle with gift cards feeling impersonal - a little bit from people here/there went a very long way for us!

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