Saturday, March 24, 2012

Cannot make this up....

So the baseball talk I thought was non-stop before our trip to Arizona and boy was I's officially NOW non-stop.  Connor pretty much wants to know at all times - where his hat is, his 'gloves', his foul ball (Dan got one at a game that they were at together and of course, gave it to Connor), when he can go play ball, when he can go to the baseball field, where is Adam Dunn (a player for the Sox, talking about homeruns, hitting, catching and throwing pretty much every waking hour. 

With that said - on Tuesday night he insisted on going to be with his 'gloves' on and with his foul ball.  Mind you that the 'gloves' are just a pair of mittens - but he knows baseball players wear gloves and he's content that he has a pair - ha! Before I went to bed on Tuesday I pulled the gloves off since he was already warm.

So on Wednesday morning - I go in to wake Connor up and look at how I find him sleeping:

 I tell him it's time to wake up - he rolls around quite a bit and this is how he lands (so far as I can tell he was still sleeping):

I think it's safe to say he's a baseball fan.