Monday, April 9, 2012

Baby P Update

28 Weeks on Saturday; stats from my 26 Week appointment:
  • Total Weight Gain:  2.7 lbs (hey people, the doctor is just excited we've finally tipped the scale to be in the positive)
  • Heartbeat:  151
  • Measuring exactly on the dot for my due date
  • Glucose Test:  Negative for Gestational Diabetes
  • RhoGam Shot:  Complete
  • Baby Placement:  SUPER low; doctor had me purchase a maternity support belt to try to lift the baby a little to alleviate some pressure
  • Baby Movement:  LOTS of movement and again, very low
  • Gender Predictions:
    • Connor says it's a boy and his name is going to be Adam Dunn (if you don't know what that is - visit

1 comment:

  1. Looking BEAUTIFUL!!! Can't wait for baby to get here:)