Thursday, May 17, 2012

What We've Been Up To....

Been wondering where we have been?  Maybe this will help...

Celebrating 3rd Birthday's with our Cousin Mimi:

Playing Baseball:

Having Potato Sack Races with Cousins:

Taking Family Pictures with Grandma & Grandpa:

Riding EXTREMELY Large Tricycles:

Playing More Baseball:

Riding ATV's: 

Asking his buddy Noah if he's ready to play baseball with him yet:

Celebrating Papa's Birthday:

Having Mommy & Me Pictures Taken:

Lunch at Miller Park:

Rocking the robe from Great Grandma (GG) Betty:

More Baseball:

Playing Tennis:

Becoming a God-Mother for the first time:

Checking out the robin eggs at GG's House:

Celebrating Mother's Day with GG:

Oh and maybe a few temper tantrums:

 Whew!  Are you tired yet?  I know I am.....

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