Monday, June 18, 2012

Baby P Update

Been a while since I've posted an update and things seem to be in flux so I'll do my best to update everyone:
  • Currently:  38 Weeks
  • Total Weight Gain Overall: 11 lbs. (yup, only gained .2 lbs since 33 weeks - been up and back down several times since then but doctor assures me I'm measuring fine and that's what counts)
  • Heartbeat: 36 weeks - 151, 37 weeks- 132
  • Measuring exactly as I should
  • Baby Placement:  Baby is breech
  • Gender Predictions: I still think a boy but am starting to waiver a little bit now.  Had a dream last night it was a girl and most of the people around me seem to think its a girl.

  • Me 34 Weeks: with my girls Katie & Becky

  • Me 35 Weeks:

  • Me 36 Weeks: (horrible picture but its the only one I have)
  • Me 37 Weeks:

  • Me 38 Weeks:

Today I will be heading to the hospital this afternoon where my doctor and another OB/GYN will attempt to move the baby out of breech position via an ECV (External Cephalic Version).  Wish us luck - hopefully we'll have good news to share on a 'moved' baby later today!

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