Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Guess who slept thru the night for the first time at 5 weeks old?!?

That's the kind of milestone I want to remember! :)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hospital Visitors

Hard to believe Miss Kendall has been here once month already and I've been a bad little blogger about our bundle of joy!  So I'll try to do a bit of back tracking here to catch everyone up!

We were fortunate enough that both sets of Grandparents could be there the day Kendall was born to meet her.  With Connor we were at the hospital less than 36 hours from start to finish so this time around with a 4-day stay it was nice to have some visitors and familiar faces! 

Here are some of our  visitors from the hospital!

Right out of recovery and into Nana's arms!

 For some reason I think this photo is funny so I threw it in - I believe I was talking to my sister at the time who was WISHING she could be there!

Big bro meeting his sister for the first time - he went right in for the hug! Such a LOVE!

Very happy Grandma and Grandpa Paulsrud

This picture is blurry but I just love Connor's smile in it so had to include it.

Day 2: Visit with Grandma
And Grandpa finally holds her!

One very proud Papa

Auntie Mollie came by!

Noah popped in for a visit too! 

Mollie's mother in law Lynn works at the hospital and stopped by coincidentally while Mollie was visiting!

Jenny came by and we were SO happy to see her!

One very happy big brother!

More to come I promise!  Thanks to everyone who came to the hospital and to those who sent cards, flowers, gifts, phone calls and text messages - it all has meant so much!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Always a silver lining

I suppose for all things in life there is a silver lining. Been a rough week in our household - I had surgery on Thursday morning after a trip to the ER on Wednesday night to have my gall bladder removed. I am home now and while I won't say I'm resting 'comfortably' yet, I am resting.

The silver lining? Emergency visit from Aunt Tracy, Uncle Scott and Grace to help us manage.

Does it get any better than this?

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Your Birthday!

Monday June 25, 2012 will be a day we will never forget.  Our beautiful, Kendall Ann Paulsrud entered this world at 12:37 PM. 

They say every pregnancy and child is different and Kendall certainly proved that from pretty much the moment I found out I was pregnant and her birth was no different.  Despite the doctors (and my) best attempts to get this baby girl to move out of the breech position she was just too darn comfy.  So by 'appointment' her birthday was decided.

The final stats for this pregnancy for me:
  • Total Weight Gain:  12.4 lbs
  • Heart Rate at final appointment:  155
  • Baby Position:  Breech
  • Gender:  Waivering on a boy or girl - still feeling boy but had several dreams leading up to the birthday that it was a girl.

Here are some pictures Dan took right before we left for the hospital:

We arrived at Aurora West Allis Women's Pavilion at about 9:30 AM (Nana and Papa were with us at the hospital and Grandma and Grandpa stayed at the house with big brother Connor) and we got comfy in one of the triage rooms until it was time for Kendall's arrival.

We were originally scheduled for a C-Section at 11:45 AM.  It was closer to noon when they finally came to get me.  Two nurses walked me back to the OR and I was given a spinal tap for numbing, the doctor arrived and then they got Daddy and it was go time.

At 12:37 PM - Kendall Ann Paulsrud was born.  There was this excitement in the air with the staff in the room since they said they rarely don't know the gender at the time of birth anymore.  As soon as Kendall was out - they were yelling for Dan to come to the other side of the screen so he could tell me if you were a boy or a girl.  He yelled girl, my eyes welled up with tears and then Ms. Kendall made her presence known with some loud loud screams!  Doctors continued to work on me while Dan got to cut the cord, she her being weighed in, etc. 

Here are some of the very first pictures!

 Welcome to the world baby girl!