Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hospital Visitors

Hard to believe Miss Kendall has been here once month already and I've been a bad little blogger about our bundle of joy!  So I'll try to do a bit of back tracking here to catch everyone up!

We were fortunate enough that both sets of Grandparents could be there the day Kendall was born to meet her.  With Connor we were at the hospital less than 36 hours from start to finish so this time around with a 4-day stay it was nice to have some visitors and familiar faces! 

Here are some of our  visitors from the hospital!

Right out of recovery and into Nana's arms!

 For some reason I think this photo is funny so I threw it in - I believe I was talking to my sister at the time who was WISHING she could be there!

Big bro meeting his sister for the first time - he went right in for the hug! Such a LOVE!

Very happy Grandma and Grandpa Paulsrud

This picture is blurry but I just love Connor's smile in it so had to include it.

Day 2: Visit with Grandma
And Grandpa finally holds her!

One very proud Papa

Auntie Mollie came by!

Noah popped in for a visit too! 

Mollie's mother in law Lynn works at the hospital and stopped by coincidentally while Mollie was visiting!

Jenny came by and we were SO happy to see her!

One very happy big brother!

More to come I promise!  Thanks to everyone who came to the hospital and to those who sent cards, flowers, gifts, phone calls and text messages - it all has meant so much!

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