Sunday, September 2, 2012

Family Reunion

The weekend of July 13th was our annual family gathering with Dan's side of the family.  We usually try to hit up a waterpark hotel and this year we requested everyone come our direction since we were going to have a new baby and what a blessing that was!  So the out of towners stayed at the Country Springs Hotel which was right down the road and a total blast.

On Friday night we had everyone here for some BBQ and Bounce House action:

Saturday was filled with fun at the indoor waterpark at County Springs Hotel! (not great pics - they are all from my phone)

This was Connor's favorite slide:

On Sunday the majority of the group enjoyed an awesome tailgate and then took in a Brewer's Game! 

 Did I mention it was a REALLY hot day and the seats were in the sun?!?
 So a few us of just enjoyed the cool of being at the house and not in the sun at the game!

 Kendall was showered with gifts this weekend with it being the first time the majority of the family was meeting her.  Her cousin Kailyn made her this awesome sign!
 Kendall & Kailyn
 I would have to say that all activities aside - I think everyone just enjoys being in one anothers company and lots of wonderful memories were made!  Here are just a few pics from 'hanging out' in the hotel.

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