Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Trucks, a Drum Circle and the ER

My Mom is an organizer of a fantastic music festival in Peru, IL each August.  This year it was August 18, 2012.  Dan also runs the sound so we drove down for the weekend! 

Connor and I started our day going to a little health fair (unaffiliated with the music festival) at a school in Peru that had all kind of trucks set up outside with our friends Clark and Erin.

One of our favorite part about this day long music festival is the DRUM CIRCLE!  This year Connor got to bring his own to the circle and even had some friends join him. 

 Even Papa got into the mix!

Well sadly me and the kids didn't make it to the evening outdoor concert.  Connor came down with a fever and spent pretty much the rest of the day/evening in bed.  (which we all know is very unlike him!)  The next morning he seemed to be feeling better but was taking things easy.  He likes to take baths in my parents jetted tub so was going to get a bath before we headed home.  While in the bath he started screaming uncontrollably that his tummy hurt.  Talk about scary Momma moment.  It went on and with his fever still there (and it being a Sunday) we decided he needed to be scene by a doctor so headed to the ER.  We were worried maybe it was appendicitus and didn't want to risk starting the drive home and things getting worse.  So we left Kendall at Nana and Papa's and headed to the hospital. 

Connor was a real trooper - lots of pokes and prods - got some blood work and waited patiently as the nurses doted on him and brought him stickers and things to keep him occupied. 
 Thankfully all signs showed it wasn't his appendix and they gave us some information on what to watch for and to follow up with our doctor when we got home.
As we were leaving the ER the ER doctor that we had ran out of the hospital - told Connor he had been voted "Cutest Kid in their 24 Hour Shift" and presented him with a Tickle Me Elmo.  (and a hug to feel better) Needless to say his first trip to the hospital didn't turn out to be too scary.  We're thankful he isn't scared of doctors and isn't fearful of the hospital - we're just hoping he doesn't expect a gift everytime he goes!

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